Introducing...Mr and Mrs Pike

Andrew and Catherine. Two highly organised, ambitious individuals with hearts of gold and an uncommon amount of swag. Working with these love-birds was such a treat! The forecast for their wedding day was an afternoon filled with rain and what we got instead, was crisp-cool conditions and a muted sky - with just enough grey to make the winelands-pallete pop behind our wedding party! When eventually the rain did arrive mid-supper, it was a blessing that was drowned out by the laughter and joviality of friends and family overjoyed! The moment I'll never forget was the new Mr and Mrs Pike strutting into the reception to The Rembrandt's "I'll Be There For You", hand-in-hand (smiles as wide as the FRIENDS cast was loved), and to the absolute roar-of-a-welcome from their people. Goose-Bumps for days! Thanks guys for choosing Braydon and I to document your special day.