Introducing...Mr and Mrs Pike

Andrew and Catherine. Two highly organised, ambitious individuals with hearts of gold and an uncommon amount of swag. Working with these love-birds was such a treat! The forecast for their wedding day was an afternoon filled with rain and what we got instead, was crisp-cool conditions and a muted sky - with just enough grey to make the winelands-pallete pop behind our wedding party! When eventually the rain did arrive mid-supper, it was a blessing that was drowned out by the laughter and joviality of friends and family overjoyed! The moment I'll never forget was the new Mr and Mrs Pike strutting into the reception to The Rembrandt's "I'll Be There For You", hand-in-hand (smiles as wide as the FRIENDS cast was loved), and to the absolute roar-of-a-welcome from their people. Goose-Bumps for days! Thanks guys for choosing Braydon and I to document your special day. 


The weekend that we spent documenting Pat and Duncan's wedding, was one that exemplified the two of them perfectly; it was simple, wild-at-heart and beautifully chilled! It took place at the Oewerzicht camp site just outside of Greyton, which is surrounded by the most exquisite mountains with a river running through it. Braydon and I absolutely loved documenting this wedding not only because we were surrounded by inspiration, but also because we were both completely absorbed in the festivities and fun. We left feeling much more like guests and family than like service-providers. The "Puncan" wedding was a tale embellished by love-crafted home-brews, mixed-tape poses and exploding kittens, and it was an absolute delight to capture. Thank you guys for choosing us to tell your story!

The Hazzaaas!

Michael and Laurie Harrison are not your average human beings – they are the people that you go to when you need a smile, a solution, a sounding board or a warm embrace. Every aspect of their wedding day – their family, friends & proceedings – gave testament to their depth of character and immense humility. It was truly a joy to be part of a day that witnessed and celebrated such a sincere union. It’s people like this – and stories like these – that make me inspired to keep pursuing this crazy photography dream! Thank you so very much for inviting Braydon and I to capture your extra special day – we enjoyed every minute of it. Here's your story: 

The Newborn's Newborn

Sandy Newborn and I have been in each other’s lives since primary school - which has made watching her mature and become a mom, an absolute delight! A few months ago, she and her husband Andrew welcomed little Matthew into the world and I was elated when they invited me to photograph them at their beautiful home in the serene Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. With parents who are a close knit of brilliance, innovation and determination, this little man will be one to watch as he takes on the world!  

Tea with Kuno

Kuno arrived two months earlier than anticipated - so for the first few weeks after his birth, all that the outside world got to see of him, were the cellphone snaps that Elaine & Alex (his mom & dad) could take during their visits to Kingsbury hospital. As soon as I got news of Kuno's release from neo-natal care, I booked my turn to visit the new family of three over a cup of tea. These are some of the sleepy snaps that I took at our meet-cute! ;) Welcome to the world baby boy! 

Game Day: The one where La and Bradles got engaged!

My beautiful friend Lauren Tittley is a fun-tastic whirlwind of a human, who is as sincere and loving as the most human of saints. When her soon-to-be-fiance Brad contacted me to be involved in his secret proposal to her, I was absolutely elated! To be able to tell a part of anyone's story (even just a sliver of the pie) is a privilege -- and to be able to capture and convey it for your best friend, is an unending gift. Their story is beautiful. Their lives are marked by commitment and grace. La and Bradles, I love you guys madly and hope these photographs display all the joyful antics, laughter and love that I get to enjoy whenever I'm in your presence! Here come the van der Westhuizen's! (It's got a nice ring to it... doesn't it?) ;) 

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
— Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally