Candice Mazzolini


Welcome to my digital canvas; my space to showcase. Here you will find a sample of my craft: visual storytelling using photography. Sometimes I’ll even use my words. I am a quixotic soul with a passion for people – human beings are the most fascinating, beautiful, broken creatures – and I LOVE to document their tales. So let’s celebrate culture, difference and adventure. Let’s revel in laughter, tears and silent anecdotes. Let’s look for the hope in the everyday landscape. Let’s do it here.

cape townian ∙ creative ∙ ENFP ∙ sushi-addict ∙ animal-lover ∙ wannabe-sommelier ∙ hope-monger ∙ gamer ∙ believer ∙ runner ∙ jedi ∙ traveler

I'm the one that picks up the starfish and throws it back in the water.